My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Right on target

So, my goals for 2012 were to run a half marathon and to run 700 miles. It's June now (although still the beginning) and I thought it would be a good time to check in on them.

Run a half marathon. DONE! Actually, I have run 2 and I probably have 2 more to run before the year is over. Who would ever imagine me running a half marathon? Holy cow, I couldn't even run a mile in January 2011! But I did it. My first half was on March 31st and I was soooo nervous! But I was with really good friends who settled me down and pulled me through it. Actually, I ran the last 5 miles on my own. Thank you to Beth and Linda for running with me the first 8 miles...I was truly blessed! Time: 2:20:48! I did it! I finished! My second was on May 6th. Not so good for me as I felt sick at about mile 4.5 and it lasted the entire rest of the race. Thank you to Joanne for running with me and for offering to stay with me. But I told her to go ahead, I didn't want to ruin her race. I walked large chunks of that race because of how bad I felt. But even with that, I finished 2:28:15! Holy cow...I thought I would've been about 3 hours for how I felt. That race took everything I had in me. I told my husband that next to Nick's labor, it was the hardest thing I have ever done. 2 more halfs are on the list: One in September, one in October...4 1/2 weeks apart. I can certainly check "run a half marathon" off of my list!

Run 700 miles. That's quite a lot of miles. As of today, I am at 315 miles. I have 35 more to run this month to truly be half way there. I can certainly do it! Although I am not running the longer distances like I was when I was training, with the half in September, I'll be starting the training again in July. So, the miles will build up once again. I'm running about 15-20 miles a week for the most part, so it certainly will get me there.

Next year, I might make a goal to run a marathon, or run a sub-30 5K (yes, I am not fast hence the name of my blog...notsofastmomma!). But for 2012, I am right on target!

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