My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recovery...slow and steady!

So, I had surgery last Monday (5/12) and recovery has gone a little slower than I had anticipated.  Most of the pain is now gone, but my stomach has not been happy.  I've been limited bland foods because anything else makes my stomach go haywire!  Ugh!

I think (I hope) I am turning the corner with that.  I took my son out for dinner last night at Texas Roadhouse.  It was a fundraiser for a cousin that has Prader-Willi syndrome and Friday is Brady's birthday so I thought "why not?"  Looked at the menu and knew I couldn't eat most so I went with the veg plate.  Here was my order:  salad (no cheese or egg) with honey mustard on the side, fresh veggies, sweet potato (cinnamon butter on side) and Apple sauce.  Barely used the dressing or butter and I really do mean that.  It was good.  Best thing?  My belly didn't get upset!

Today, I feel pretty good.  I might head out for a short run/walk to see how it goes.  First exercise since I ran the Pittsburgh relay on 5/4.  That's when I got sick.  I'm ready to get back to it.  I'm ready to reach for my goals.  I'm ready to prepare for the MCM and Dopey challenge.  Let's do this!

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