My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost there its been some time since I have posted. Nothing I can do about that. We are having A LOT of problems with our computer. Sending it to get fixed, but until it is, my posts might be far and few in between. ! Joanne and I ran 12.1 miles on Saturday. In the rain...not a drizzle or a shower, but rain. The entire 12 miles. Ugh! But I'm definitely prepared if it should rain on race day. We didn't do too bad that day, considering the sheer number of hills that were in our route plus the weather. I think we finished in 2:16. I'll take it! At least we got it done. We have one more long run of 8 miles on Saturday and then it should be it. Taper week is next week and then...the race!! So excited, but I know I'll be incredibly nervous! I can't believe there is only 10 days to go! Woo-hoo! Now let's talk nutrition. I have totally been lacking in the good nutrition category. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need to do better for my body. The exercise is definitely there, but the eating is not. I am going to focus on what my body really needs before this race. I'll let you know how that goes. Until then...

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