My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 and my running goals

In January 2012, I set 3 running goals for myself.  To see if I could actually achieve them and to keep me motivated to run.  And guess what?  I did them ALL!  Who could believe it?  NOT ME!  I think you set goals to encourage, inspire and motivate yourself to keep going, keep getting better and attaining things you never really thought possible.  That is exactly what I did!

Here were my goals:
1.  To run at least 1 half marathon.     I ran in 4!  My first I completed in 2:20:48.  I was really happy with that time, as I was hoping for 2:30.  The second I completed in 2:28:15.  That was a tough one for me as I believe I was struggling with some dehydration issues and starting WAY TOO FAST!  The third was 2:23:19.  I was hoping for under 2:20, but I loved running in this one!  My last was 2:14:38!!!  Not only did I break my 2:20 goal, but I did it by over 5 minutes!  I was beside myself and was in a zone at this race!

2.  To run a sub 30 5K.  This I knew would be a tough one as I am not that fast (hence the title of my blog!).  As I progressed throughout the year, I could see that I was getting faster.  I could break 20 minutes for 2 miles, but not sure I could keep the pace for 3.1.  My son, Brady, my husband, Kip and I decided to run in the turkey trot.  Brady and I have run races together before.  He wanted that sub 30 too!  So I layed out my plan with him and off we went.  At one point, he went ahead of me.  Which was fine.  I kept him in view and caught up the last mile.  I passed him about 1/2 mile out and told him "let's go!  We're almost there!"  As we were rounding the corner, I could hear him say "Please let it be under 30, please let it be under 30!"  It was then we saw the clock.  It was under 30!  We finished at 29:42!  That was an exciting race!  We both pushed ourselves.  Unfortunately, Brady maybe a little too much as he felt quite nauseous after that.  Poor kid!

3.  To run 700 miles.  Not exactly sure where I came up with that number, but I knew it was a lot.  At least for me.  I DID IT!!  Phew!  I completed it about 2 weeks ago.  Time to spare and everything.  So excited and thoroughly proud of myself.

So what does 2013 hold for me as far as running?  Not sure yet...a marathon maybe, sub 29 5K.  I'll have to think on those and get back to you before January 1st.  I do know that I want to keep running, I want to encourage my kids to exercise and I want to blog more.  What are your goals?

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