My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Saturday, February 4, 2012

It was a great kind of running day!

My usual Saturday morning partner, Joanne, couldn't run this morning.  So I was left to do my long run on my own.  Not that I haven't done it before, but it has gotten more enjoyable to have someone with me. 

This morning, my hubby said to me "do you want me to run with you?"  I said, " Are you going to run all 7 with me?"  I knew he would struggle with that distance.  He hasn't run since November.  So we decided that I would run the 4.5 or so to begin (that's the hilly road work) and he would meet me at the trail to finish up the last 3 1/2.

I had a great pace going through the 4.5.  Kip and I met there at the exact same time, I was coming up the hill, he was coming down it.  He was surprised to see me as he left the house a little early, but my pace was really good.  Then it hit...a wall.  I started feeling really bad...tired, no energy.  But it didn't last long!  Then I got back into my rhythm.  We slowed down a bit for Kip, as he has a bit of a cold and as I mentioned before he hasn't run since November.  But I didn't mind slowing down.  I just enjoyed having some company! 

All in all, I ran 8 miles in 1:29:39.  I think it came out to a 11:13 pace.  Great for a long run for me!  Kip seems to think it would've been around 1:15, but I didn't slow that much for him.  I maybe could've picked up 4-5 minutes, no more.  I felt great after the run.  We'll see how the body feels tomorrow.  I wanted to get in 7 today and I got in that's a success! :)

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