My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My 12 mile success!

Yesterday, I met my friends Joanne and Beth for our 12 mile training run.  I have to admit, I was nervous!  I had never run 12 miles before and it was a bit warmer than I am used to.  It was about 52 degrees when we started.  I know...that's not warm.  But when it was 21 degrees last week, it really is.  But it's so nice to run with friends.  They make me smile and laugh even when we are all in misery.

So, the route we take (as you know from previous posts) is quite hilly.  I had added 4 miles onto our 8 mile run from last week using mapmyrun.  I did drive it a few days ago, but made a wrong turn so didn't see the entire route, although I did know there would be a pretty decent hill.  You know, to add to all of the other ones we run!  But the road that I missed the turn on that we had to run...holy hills!  I'm not talking a mild grade, short hill.  I mean steep, long hill.  Maybe I should say hills.  Because there were several and I think the girls might have wanted to kill me!

But you know what?  We did it!  We made it up the hills, we made it though the run, we ran 12 miles!  How exciting is that?  12 miles in 2:26!  I was so happy!  I am really proud of myself for never giving up and for being so disciplined about this run.  Oh my!

My knees and hips were a little sore, so I did a bunch of stretching and iced my knees twice yesterday.  Then I added some 800mg of ibuprofen and guess what?  Today, I am good to go!  I am actually thinking of running a couple today and that way, I can rest tomorrow and just bike.  I truly can't believe that I feel this good. 

I would never have come this far without these girls.  They inspired me from the beginning as they were training for their races last year.  They continue to inspire me.  I know now that I will make the entire 1/2 marathon.  I could've run another 1.1 yesterday.  Even with all of the hills!  That is the best feeling ever!  What a success!

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