My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, March 15, 2012

My big upcoming training run

OK...I am getting very close now.   A little over 2 weeks until my first half marathon!  I can't believe it.  No, really, I can't!  I hope I can make it.  I keep telling myself to keep up with the training and I will be fine.  Speaking of training...

Saturday is our long run.  12 miles.  Yep!  That's what's on the schedule.  Holy cow Batman!  I actually was a little bit proactive in preparing for this run by going on and planning out our run.  I used our 8+ mile run last weekend and just added to it.  And then, I drove it yesterday.  Boy, am I glad I did that!  I missed a turn and that would've made us run over 13 miles.  Besides that, it is a good route.  It's just incredibly hilly.  But that will make us stronger, right?

My running buddy, Joanne, texted me about the run this morning.  She said she's looking forward to it.  I replied that I am 1/2 looking forward to it and 1/2 dreading it.  (Please note that Joanne has run 2 half marathons already, I have not!)  She then replied "Do not dread!  We will just settle our minds and bodies in for a long relaxing run!"  Is she kidding?  Relaxing should not be used to describe a long run...EVER!  It will be grueling!  That's definitely a better word.  A long, grueling run!  That sounds much more realistic.

I love Joanne!  She's funny, kind and great company.  She always encourages me.  Always!  And she talks the entire run.  She gets my mind off of the thousands (JK!) of miles we have to run.   It's amazing what we talk about.  And, I am getting better at talking through the run and the hills!  That means I'm getting stronger, right?

Anyway, I will be nervous on Saturday.  I just will be afraid I won't make it.  If I do, I might just cry.  12 miles is a long run.  At least to me.  But if I can get through this 12 miles, then I WILL be able to run the half in 2 weeks.  I'll update after the long, grueling (not relaxing) run!  Until then...

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