My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, March 1, 2012

This not so fast momma is getting faster!

I've had a great week of training.  I really have!  On Sunday, as already blogged, I ran 9.33 miles in 1:41!  That I was so proud of.  To go that distance with a pace of under 11 min/mile...I was proud!  Then I ran 3 miles on Tues(?) in 30:15.  That breaks out to a 10:05 min/mile.  Fantastic!  On the bike yesterday, I couldn't believe how good I felt even at mile 9. I could feel myself getting stronger and I loved it!  But the icing on the cake?  That came today.  I decided that since I was reading of a lot of people doing 800m repeats, I thought I should give it a try.  I did 4 x 800s and I did fantastic!  My times ranged from 4:19 to 4:25. 

To someone who is really a fast runner, this might not seem like such a big deal.  But to was a HUGE deal!  I'm exercising 5-6 days a week now.  About 4 days running, and then I generally get in 3 days biking (some overlap with the running) as well as a day of yoga or step class.  I think everything is helping me to get stronger.  And because I am getting stronger, I am getting faster.  Because I am getting faster, I am growing my confidence.  Do you see the cycle?

Maybe, just maybe someday I'll be fast.  I still look at those runners who make it look effortless and wish I could do that.  I know I'll never be there.  But maybe one day, I'll break a 30 min 5K!  That would be something.  For now, I'll bask in the glory of knowing that I am getting faster.  Even if ever so slightly, it's happening!  And I love it!

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