My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Training really works!

Yes, it does!  Training works!  Do you believe that?

After my lyme disease, I basically had to start all over with running.  I wasn't feeling so good because I had missed 3 months of training and several races that I REALLY wanted to run in.  But I knew I wanted to get back to it and would put in any and all of the work required.  I changed my training plan and started focusing on distance rather than speed so much.  I needed to build back up my endurance.

I began training again in mid-September.  I started feeling pretty good.  Brady and I signed up to run the Y Turkey Trot in the beginning of November.  Turns out it was the day after the cub scout sleepover at the Y.  Not really a sleepover, an up-all-nighter.  I was tired, so didn't put any expectations on myself.  I was planning on walking a good portion.  But about mile 1 1/2 or so, I started feeling pretty good.  I finished at 33:39.  My worst time, but considering I was up all night playing volleyball, climbing rock walls and listening to excited kids (plus not eating well), I was pretty happy.  I was more happy that I just got to complete the race.  That lyme disease kicked me in the butt and I really didn't know if I was ever going to have the energy again.

The weekend after that, I ran my first 10K.  It was a last minute decision.  I was there alone, but found someone I knew there who is a great runner.  I was talking to her about it.  She was running the 5K.  Her name is Jinny.  It was a beautiful run.  On the trail, by a river, almost the entire time.  It was chilly, but sunny.  I just tried to keep my pace the entire run.  Every time I looked at my watch, I was at the same pace.  I couldn't believe it.  I told Kip I anticipated 1:15-1:30 finish time.  I came in at 1:04:36!  Holy cow!  I was so happy!  Jinny was there at the finish line cheering me in.  I thought it was so nice of her.  I felt great.  From that moment on, I knew I liked distance races and set in my mind to run a 1/2.

On Thanksgiving Day, Kip, Brady and I ran in a turkey trot (Brady begged us to do this one!).  Brady took off very fast and I stayed at my pace and made Kip go and slow him down.  He was mad, but I know he would not have the endurance at that pace to make the entire 5K.  I was right and he knew it!  I coached him the whole way and we had our best 5K times yet.  Brady - 31:29, Me - 31:33, Kip 31:44.  It was a great day!

Shortly after I signed up for a 1/2.  I've been training for it since.  I run about 4 days a week. 3 of those days I run  2-4 miles on those days, with some speed and hills thrown in and 1 of those days is my long run I run with Joanne.  I am VERY disciplined about getting my runs in, plus I crosstrain with the bike or step class another 2 days.  But it's working!

I'll give you 2 examples.  First, on the second long run Joanne and I ran together, we ran 6.2 miles.  It was a nice day, but our typically hilly route.  We ran it in 1:11.  It turned out to be an 11:27 pace.  Fine for a long run. I wasn't disappointed.  Last week, we ran 10.1 miles.  It was a horrible windy day.  Wind advisories were out.  40-50 mph wind gusts.  And it was our hilly route (VERY hilly).  We ran it in 1:54.  The pace:  11:17!  We took off 10 seconds per mile and the conditions were FAR worse!  That is one example that training works.  Second, yesterday I ran 3 miles.  I came in at 30:09.  I ran negative splits:  10:22, 10:15, 9:32.  Had I gone .1 more to make a 5K, I would've beat my best 5K time by over 30 seconds! 

I will continue to train the way I have for the past few months.  I know it works.  I have 3 weeks until my first half.  Am I nervous?  Yes!  Excited?  Yes!  But I will complete it because I've trained for it and I know, training really works!

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