My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 more miles down...not so fast (of course) I decided to run tonight on my inlaws treadmill.  I didn't have to as I ran 4 miles yesterday, but I thought I better get my butt in gear if I am going to not die on this 1/2 marathon.  So I went over a little before 7pm.  I had hoped to get in 5, but only did 3.  Yep...I stopped.  So mad at myself, but I didn't have it in me tonight.  I ran about a 12 min. mile.  That stinks, believe me, I know.

I'm struggling this week with my confidence.  Don't know why, I just am.  It's having an affect on my time and its even made me shorten my runs.  I have to get over it...I have to!  Like I need to get over it this week.  I think what I need is a long run so that I can believe in myself once again.  A good long run.

But at least I did 3, right?  And at night too!  I am typically a morning run.  That's when I have my energy.  But I don't want to make excuses, just trying to be proud of myself for making the effort to get the run in.  Until tomorrow...

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