My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Friday, January 27, 2012

Stress...what to do?

Yep...I'm stressed.  I, along with my dear friend Kathy, are the chairpeople for a huge fundraiser at school and we're a little bit behind.  Especially in ticket sales.  And...I also co-chair fish fries during Lent for our church.  That will be here before you know it.   So I have tasks/assignments/responsibilities for both.  On top of day to day stuff.  So I'm a little stressed!

I think everyone does something different when they are stressed.  I typically eat.  Chocolate, preferably!  I am going to write an entire blog sometime soon on my love for chocolate.  It makes me feel good.  No does!  If I can't have chocolate, then it has to be some other kind of sweet treat.  You can say I have a sweet tooth.  I love sweets...cookies, cake, candy, especially chocolate!  So when I am stressed, I usually eat something sweet and feel better.  Not such a great thing to do for my body, I know. instead of eating chocolate, I rode the bike for 30 minutes.  10 miles later, I felt much better.  Hmmm...I might be onto something here.  Maybe I will try exercising instead of eating when I am stressed.  I'm not sure if that is totally going to work though, because I am still thinking about that chocolate.  But instead, I am going to try to think about all of the good I just did by riding the bike. 

What do you do when you are stressed?  I also tend to get a little snippy.  My family takes the brunt of that.  Unfortunately for them!  Chocolate, however, seems to keep my snippy comments at bay.  Yes...I love that chocolate, but today, I love the bike!

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