My favorite running pic!

My favorite running pic!
The Buffalo Creek Half

Monday, January 16, 2012

My not so fast run, but it's all good!

So, I had been off a couple of days (ok...more than a couple).  But it really all wasn't my fault.  A family emergency needed dealt with.  But, I'm back to the running.  After all, I have a 1/2 marathon coming up before I know it.  I am registered for the Pittsburgh 1/2 on May 6th.  But a couple of friends of mine have convinced me to register for one on March 31st.  Yep - 2 of them!  Can you believe it?  But that means I cannot slack off...AT ALL!

Decided on a 4 mile run.  It's about 4 miles, probably a little more.  It had 4 very nice hills.  When I say very nice, I do not mean nice to look at.  I mean not so nice to run.  You get my drift, right?  I felt pretty good during the majority of the run until the last 2 hills.  They are truly back to back and at the last 1/2 mile of the run.  They do not make me happy!  So my time was 44:41.  I know, not so fast! (Now do you get why I titled my blog what I did?)

Don't get me's all good!  After all, I got out there.  I ran what I could.  Did I overly push myself like I would do if I was racing?  NO.  Not that it would make that much of a difference.  A little, but not that much.  However, I noticed something today.  I've lost a little bit of confidence in my running ability.  Not sure why or how it happened, but I feel it.  I feel like it's not quite good enough.  Gotta work through this.  Fast or not fast, I have 2 1/2 marathons coming up and I need to be confident.  I'll reflect on it a little tonight and maybe revisit it tomorrow.  Until's all good!

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